31 Inspiring Coffee Bar Ideas for Small Spaces


Published: January 4, 2023
Updated: November 30, 2023

Everyone needs a coffee bar in their house, but we don’t always have a perfect spot for one. There are several ways to include a small coffee nook in your home without taking away storage or prep space.

A small corner countertop area that only seems to serve as a cluttered mail station with overflowing junk drawers and miscellaneous items that you never really use can be organized into a functional beverage station. You can use floating shelves to add vertical storage space and reserve the countertop space for prep work. If you happen to have a small dresser or a thrifted piece of furniture, such as an end table or console table with storage drawers, that is perfect too. These pieces can double as additional counter space and storage with the additional drawers. Get creative with what you have and maximize your space! Check out our small coffee bar ideas below for inspiration to get you started.

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