12 Black Floating Shelves to Accent Your Walls


Published: August 19, 2022
Updated: December 4, 2023

A tip and trick of home decor is to incorporate hints of black in every room to give your eyes a “resting place.” Decorating your rooms with black floating shelves is a great way to give your walls a chic punctuation. Whether you go with black painted shelves, wooden shelves with black metal accents, or dark wood floating shelves, shelves that come in a darker shade will anchor your space for a classy look.

You can use floating black shelves in any room of your home. From next to the fireplace in your living room, to above your cabinets in the kitchen, to over the toilet in your bathroom, you won’t be short on ideas for where to install a set of floating shelves. Simply look for spaces you want items within reach or on display. Here are some stylish black floating shelf rooms to get you started.

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