33 Brilliant Black and White Centerpieces to Decorate a Table


Published: November 30, 2022
Updated: March 8, 2024

Black and white centerpieces are a stylish way of decorating the tables in your home. You can add a black and white table setting to either a formal modern dining room or a rustic farmhouse dining room. Either way, the table setting will look incredible!

Plus, both black centerpieces and white centerpieces are perfect to use when decorating a house for holidays. Just think about a black and white skeleton snow globe sitting next to a pumpkin at Halloween. Imagine black and white mugs on a three-tier tray amongst a pine branch garland and holly on a Christmas table. Or black and white Easter rabbits sitting in the middle of the table.

So take a few minutes to look through this brilliant gallery of black and white centerpieces, and you’ll see how timeless black and white decor is.

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