35 Pumpkin Centerpieces to Elevate Your Fall Decor


Published: November 26, 2022
Updated: December 1, 2023

If you’re decorating your home for fall, it’s inevitable that pumpkins will be a feature somewhere in your design. Thankfully, interior decor has come a long way from relying on large pumpkins in typical bright orange shades. And while that’s still a classic, tried-and-true, aesthetic, pumpkin centerpieces are much more varied these days.

You won’t have to look far to find new shades of pumpkins in white, pale green, and light orange. Sizes vary as well from oversized to miniature accents. Even better, new materials such as fabric, metal, and glass can add more texture, colors, and patterns than you ever thought possible to create your perfect fall tablescape. The possibilities of using pumpkin centerpieces in your dining room, kitchen, or even accent tables have never been more interesting or personalized to your own creative vision.

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