17 Dreamy Attic Bedrooms To Incorporate in Your Floor Plan


Published: July 10, 2023
Updated: November 22, 2023

There is so much unused space to be manipulated in a home with an attic. Attic bedrooms are not only functional, but they add extra square footage, boosting the value of the property with a small amount of renovation or décor. Though they may be considered a loft instead of a bedroom due to the lack of closet space, lofts are versatile and easily converted into a playroom, office, or exercise room.

The photographs you’ll see today represent homeowners who have turned their attics into welcoming bedrooms perfect for any family member or guest. The slanted ceilings showcase creative accent walls made of delicate trim, wallpaper, or colorful paint. Beds with detailed linens and comforters are brilliantly placed under skylights that fill the room with natural light. Plush area rugs and carpets are incorporated just as in any other space in the home, but in colors that complement the carefully selected décor, and specialty light fixtures. Because attics are becoming an architectural feature of the past, enjoy how the designers of these various works have paid tribute to their special spaces by bringing them new life, and get inspired by the myriad of options available for your dreamy attic sanctuary.

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