25 Fun Alternatives to a White Ceiling


Published: February 25, 2024
Updated: December 27, 2023

There are some aspects of home décor that we tend to stick with, even though they may not be the best option. So, when choosing your ceiling color, remove one of these norms by incorporating an alternative to a white ceiling. The goal of designing any space is to create a memorable design that exceeds your expectations, and this is a fantastic place to begin.

Have you seen wood planks covering a ceiling and wondered whether it would suit your space? The answer is yes if you want to infuse natural materials or incorporate calming earth tones! Not everyone is open to a change of ceiling materials, and in this case, turn to an uncommon color palette to freshen up your design. Break all the rules of ceiling color selection and choose a dark or vibrant color to redefine the room’s décor.

Finding the perfect design is just a scroll away, with alternatives to a white ceiling awaiting you below!

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