20 Ideas for What Furniture Goes With Dark Wood Floors


Published: September 13, 2023
Updated: November 22, 2023

Determining what furniture goes with dark wood floors does not have to be difficult! A dark wood floor is a classy and traditional option in many homes. Whether in the living room, entryway, or bedroom, there are many ways to furnish a space with wood flooring.

If you want to create a warm and cohesive design, look no further than wooden furniture with a lighter stain than the floor. Simply pick a stain that matches the tone of your flooring, but that is a few shades lighter. For upholstered furniture, light or neutral colors provide a great contrast against the darker tone of a wood floor. As a rule of thumb, only go with large pieces of dark furniture if you use a light color for the walls and smaller pieces of furniture.

Learn from the following homeowners who have unlocked the secret to what furniture goes with dark wood flooring.

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