35 Floral Wreath Decor to Introduce Spring to Your Home


Published: October 16, 2022
Updated: March 9, 2024

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One of the easiest pieces of decor to swap out each season is a wreath. This simple ornament is a starting point around which you can decorate your home for the various seasons and holidays that occur throughout the year. No matter if it’s for your front door, an entryway table, or your kitchen hood vent, a floral wreath is a small touch that can have a big impact.

Spring wreaths aren’t just a great place to add some extra glitz to your decor, they can also serve as a symbol for your family of the changing seasons. A floral wreath with abundant pink tulips is a visible reminder of the promise of spring. These simple pieces can tie together the look of your home as a touchstone for color schemes that can be carried through every space to create a feeling of cohesion and connection from room to room.

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