27 Small Breakfast Nook Ideas To Enjoy

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August 27, 2023
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A small breakfast nook is a cozy dining area usually built next to or near the kitchen. Breakfast nooks usually incorporate banquette seating and a bistro table. Many homeowners like to situate their small dining nooks by a window or in the corner of a room. As the name suggests, these spaces are perfect for having a cup of coffee and a plate of breakfast in the morning.
When it comes to a small dining nook, round tables are the way to go! Round tables are great for areas with limited space and are easier to walk around. To add a breakfast nook to your kitchen, place a round café table in front of a built-in or freestanding bench. Arrange two or three bistro chairs on the other side of the table to finish off the seating space. Check out the following breakfast nooks that will make you look forward to your mornings.

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