29 Small Bathroom Wainscoting Ideas for a Luxurious Space


Published: May 19, 2023
Updated: November 25, 2023

If you’re concerned that wainscoting to a small bathroom will make the room feel confined, don’t worry. Small bathroom wainscoting is a great idea for creating interesting detail and an elegant design. Plus, the room will be elegant and a luxurious space to relax while you’re getting ready for the day or winding down before bed. One way to create this effect is to add a decorative wallpaper above white wainscoting.

You can also enlarge the feel of a room by painting the bathroom walls white and installing paneled white wainscoting on the bottom. The wainscoting will give the room dimension and interest without making the room seem smaller than it is. No matter what your personal style is, keep scrolling to find inspiration and ideas on how to add small bathroom wainscoting to your home to give yourself a luxurious space to relax.

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