30 Romantic Bedroom Ideas To Try for an Intimate Atmosphere


Published: February 17, 2023
Updated: November 29, 2023

Romantic bedrooms create an atmosphere of relaxation and intimacy. The images below showcase a few techniques to create this ambiance in your space.

One way to create a romantic setting is to choose soft mood lighting. This can be done by using warm lightbulbs for a soft, glowing effect and ensuring that your overhead light has a dimmer switch. Where possible, opt for table lamps and string lights to further create a lustrous space.

The next consideration is bedding. Select duvets, sheets, and pillows that match your space –this can range from soft and neutral creams to rich and sumptuous burgundies. Wherever possible use luxurious fabrics such as fur, cashmere, and chunky knit throws.

Finally, when creating a romantic bedroom, consider all five senses. For instance, bring in fresh-cut flowers and scented candles to elevate the atmosphere. Read on to learn how the following bedrooms use these techniques and more to create a truly romantic and alluring space

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