20 Sophisticated Designs to Complement a Red Brick Fireplace


Published: November 28, 2023
Updated: November 30, 2023

If you are blessed with a red brick fireplace in any room of your home, your relationship with the piece probably has ups and downs. These features add a unique vintage character that provides a wonderfully cozy touch, but it can also be hard to work them in during room refreshers and transformations without looking dated. Find love for your brick fireplace through different design options with a modern style.

Selecting surrounding décor with enough character can combat the natural rustic influences of red brick. It comes down to the wall décor. Rely on a refreshing coat of paint to spruce up your mantel and get it ready for some contemporary pieces. If you have embraced the vintage style of your fireplace, this is the time to work in those sophisticated pieces like luxurious armchairs and antique side tables. Some unbelievable options await in our gallery below to help you style your red brick fireplace.

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