23 Office Accent Wall Ideas To Inspire Creativity


Published: December 4, 2023
Updated: December 4, 2023

An office accent wall is a perfect feature to re-energize you when experiencing a work slump. Luckily, home offices allow you to decorate however you wish and redecorate when the designs have lost their luster. Think about what style will bring you joy through the long work days and cater your design to your ideal image.

The truth is not everyone has an entire room to turn into an office, so use compact corners and alcoves for a wall-mounted desk and an accent wall. Accent walls can be vibrant and filled with cool accessories or feature a subtle difference in color from the surrounding walls. You will find that these walls are particularly attractive when supporting decorative shelving. A funky wallpaper or wainscoting are great alternatives to regular wall paint and can help refresh your workspace. Design an office accent wall that you can admire with help from our gallery of images below.

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