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22 Nursery Accent Walls for Your Baby’s Delight


Published: October 4, 2023
Updated: November 22, 2023

Reviewed by Laura Schmits

Did you know that infants require constant visual stimulation to develop their very young minds? These nursery accent walls offer excellent ways to stimulate your baby’s senses and create a fun and colorful space for them while they lay in their crib each day.

Consider a fun and bright accent wall featuring a lovely light orange-painted sun that is brightened up by natural light. With a warm and neutral undertone, the colors will definitely be perfect for visually stimulating your baby’s senses. Or how about a blue baby boy-themed room? Pair different shades of cozy blue with a soft striped carpet and texture provided by shiplap walls.

Browse through these nursery accent wall ideas to find out how to create a space perfect for your infant.

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