25 Modern Farmhouse Powder Room Designs You’ll Adore


Published: October 6, 2023
Updated: November 22, 2023

A modern farmhouse powder room is a place where multiple styles are combined to achieve astounding results. From incorporating brass vanity frames to collecting small accessories, there are many ways to incorporate elements of each aesthetic.

The first step is deciding how to style your walls and floors. One style of flooring that emphasizes these spaces is an intricate black and white tile which appeals to both sides. Because powder rooms are usually more compact, you must maximize potential and use wall space as much as possible. This can mean using wainscoting, wallpaper, or fancy paint colors. Consider installing a floating wood vanity mounted between narrow walls instead of a standard vanity. Accessories are crucial in these rooms for infusing the famous charm that farmhouse décor is known for.
Our gallery below is filled with spectacular modern farmhouse powder room ideas you won’t forget!

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