26 Stylish Tips on How to Decorate the Wall Going Up the Stairs


Published: February 9, 2022
Updated: December 5, 2023

Your staircase can either be a cold, overlooked space or a tastefully decked-out passage full of personality, depending on how you decorate the wall going up the stairs.

Decorating this often overlooked space will transform it into an elegant, chic area, as well as making your hundreds of trips up and down the stairs more scenic. And regardless where your tastes lean on—modern, transitional, or shabby-chic—you can always decorate to reflect that. For instance, hang a couple of paintings or family pictures for instant impact. Alternatively, you could go big and completely update this wall with paneling, a new coat of paint, or wallpaper. While these are definitely more costly, they create an aesthetic statement.

These 26 stunning stairways below will provide you with some much needed inspiration on how to decorate the wall going up the stairs. Read on!

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