12 Elegant Herringbone Fireplaces That Add a Touch of Class


Published: November 20, 2023
Updated: November 22, 2023

Fireplaces are often the visual centerpieces of most living rooms. That is why it’s essential to carefully consider a design that works with the different colors, patterns, and layouts of the space. It needs to stand out on its own as well as complement the rest of the room. These intricately-crafted herringbone fireplace designs are here to quash these qualms with their classy nature and stylish aesthetic.

The complex patterns presented by herringbone patterns can enhance the magical vibes created by a warm neutral Christmas-themed room. Their versatile nature allows them to be integrated into either the top section of a fireplace with a bold color to become the main attraction of the space or as a simple color and texture contrast to complement warm white tones. They can bring all sorts of aesthetics to life whether it be a fresh summer interior with bright white walls or a cozy fall farmhouse design.

Check out these designs that will bring a touch of class to your space.

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