30 Ways to Incorporate Floating Shelves Above a Toilet


Published: June 11, 2023
Updated: November 24, 2023

Floating shelves above a toilet can solve your storage and display needs. With these brilliant features, you can create a space to showcase your treasures without interrupting the flow of your bathroom décor. Continue to discover some stunning options.

These shelves can be both a subtle accent or a bold statement to neutral walls depending on the size and style you select. Choose a single shelf that blends in with the color of your walls if you prefer a simple option meant for basic storage. In farmhouse-style bathrooms, wood shelves consistently steal the show. Because there are so many styles, you can find something that will mingle with any décor. This unavoidable location guarantees that your carefully selected shelf décor will be seen and make a statement. More ideas for floating shelves above a toilet can be found in our selection of images below.

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