30 Unique Farmhouse Bathroom Designs To Try in Your Home

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September 4, 2023
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An easy approach to obtaining a farmhouse look in the bathroom is with the use of organic materials. Using a wood vanity, indoor plants, and shiplap panels or rustic stone tiles is a great starting point and also gives you a flexible foundation to work off of, as all of these materials have a timeless and quality finish that will look great for years. You can then work through the various fixtures and experiment with colors on the hardware, types of lighting, and any accent wall features you’d like to add like wallpaper or backsplash. You can pick up unique vanity lights and hardware from your local antique shop to add a custom twist to your space too. To finish things up, try adding cozy neutral décor like candles, amber glass dispensers, woven storage baskets, and farmhouse bath mats.
Achieve the coveted farmhouse look in your bathroom by incorporating some of the beautiful design ideas shown below. Save any ideas that you find inspiring and experiment with them in your bathroom. These are sure to get you inspired and started on your farmhouse bathroom upgrades in no time.

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