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Published: November 25, 2021
Updated: December 19, 2023

decorative storage boxes

Decorative storage boxes come in handy when you want to store items such as photos, letters, and cards. This type of box will safely protect your cherished memories and moments while keeping them organized. There are also decorative boxes for kids that are used for storing toys and crafts. These boxes will keep your child’s room organized and free of clutter.

A decorative box can be used to store your keys and other items that tend to get lost. Just place a box that matches the style of your house close to the door. A decorative storage box can also be placed in the bathroom to keep toiletries and tissues organized. A box in the kitchen can hold your recipe cards, herbs, or napkins. There is no limit to the items that can be stored in a decorative box. It’s all about finding the right box that will enhance and add to your style and home décor.

We have picked our best storage boxes that will surely work for different rooms in your home.

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Breezy Blooms Decorative Boxes

Add a little color and sophistication to your home with these pretty boxes. With an all-over floral print, these elegant boxes are sure to attract attention and stand out against any space.

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Beauty In Bloom Decorative Boxes

These lovely boxes will add charm to your closet shelf and much-needed storage space for scarves. They also make the perfect place for family keepsakes, too!

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Ocean Treasures Decorative Boxes

Now you can bring the natural beauty of the ocean right to your home with these delightful storage boxes. They’re ideal for a beach-themed abode, brightening a family room or adding character to a child’s bedroom.

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Busy Bees Decorative Boxes

The honeybee pattern on these decorative storage boxes is sure to be a hit with the young ones in your life. They’ll love them in their room, and adults will enjoy them too, keeping receipts, office supplies, or paperwork neatly sorted.

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Olive Branches Decorative Boxes

This charming set of boxes will make any room more inviting. Each box features matching olive branch designs, making them perfect for a variety of occasions.

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Handpicked Bouquet Decorative Boxes

Now you can add a touch of the garden inside your home with these eye-catching storage boxes! The chic floral pattern looks lovely on a bedroom or entryway shelf, or stacked in the corner of a bedroom or office.

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Eucalyptus Leaves Decorative Boxes

The charming green pattern on these boxes is irresistible. They feature a matching Eucalyptus leaves pattern to make you feel at home, no matter where you are.

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Autumn Wonders Decorative Boxes

These Fall-inspired pretty floral boxes will add a subtle note of color to your décor. They make a perfect gift for the design lover in your life too!

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Butterflies in Flight Decorative Boxes

This elegant design features delicate black and white butterflies dancing among sprigs of cherry blossom branches. The result is a stylish and feminine look that can be perfect for any room.

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Floral Bouquet Decorative Boxes

These floral boxes are perfect for storing anything from your favorite books to your favorite shoes. The decorative pattern is eye-catching and perfect to display in the bedroom or office.

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Garden Glory Decorative Boxes

With a chic yellow floral pattern that will look lovely in any room, these storage boxes are the perfect way to add a pop of color to your home.

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Peach Blossoms Decorative Boxes

These beautiful boxes will help you get organized and keep your things safe. They can be used to store clothes, toys, toiletries, crafts or other treasures.

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Purple Passion Decorative Boxes

These sturdy paperboard nesting boxes are designed to last, so you can use them over and over again. They come with strong lids, so you can stack them or use them on their own.

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Hidden Treasures Decorative Boxes

Add some camouflage to your décor with these eye-catching boxes. They’ll fit any space and blend in with any design, so get creative!

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White Bitch Patterned Decorative Boxes

These white paperboard boxes are perfect for storing anything. The stylish wood design on all sides is sure to complement any décor scheme.

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Holiday Plaid Decorative Boxes

If you’re looking for a stylish way to store your Christmas ornaments and greeting cards, look no further. Our decorative plaid boxes can be used as decoration or storage, and come in a festive holiday-inspired design.

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Animal Print Decorative Boxes

These boxes are adorable with their whimsical zebra pattern and pink details! The solid black lids are the perfect way to accentuate this bold pattern.

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Vintage Wallpaper Decorative Boxes

These decorative boxes are both stylish and functional, making them the perfect decoration for any room—or they can store your things, too.

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Floral Elegance Decorative Boxes

The charming oval boxes with their irresistible apricot and teal floral pattern will make anyone feel like they’re living in a fairy tale.

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Garden Roses Decorative Boxes

There’s no better way to show your love than with these gorgeous rose-covered floral boxes. These stunning props will make your party look like you paid a fortune and they’re also easy and convenient risers for trade shows and arts and crafts displays.

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Graceful Flight Decorative Boxes

These gifts are perfect for nature lovers and anyone who appreciates the delicate beauty of a butterfly. With a modern black-and-white color palette, these chic hat boxes will take your breath away.

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Lovely Leaves Decorative Boxes

These lovely boxes offer a natural, organic touch to any space. They’re perfect for a wedding or engagement party display, and they’re wonderful risers for trade shows and arts and crafts displays.

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Spring Fling Decorative Boxes

Keep all of your cherished items in one place with this chic storage solution. Sturdy floral boxes are perfect for storing anything from jewelry and important papers to seasonal clothing and toys.

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Wild Flowers Decorative Boxes

With their lovely floral pattern and shades of rose and yellow, these charming oval boxes will add a touch of elegance to any shelf. They’re perfect for storing scarves or family keepsakes.

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Garden Grace Decorative Boxes

Elegant paperboard boxes with a gorgeous floral design are the perfect storage solution for every room in your home. These chic boxes add a decorative accent on a closet shelf, on full display in the master bath holding toiletries, and in the office keeping stationery supplies out of sight.

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Paisley Charm Decorative Boxes

These eye-catching storage boxes will add a touch of luxury to any room. With their fresh, paisley print and lovely color palette, these storage boxes are just what you need for your home.

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Spring Festival Decorative Boxes

These sturdy boxes are a sophisticated way to get organized. The matching boxes and lids come in a spring floral pattern, and can be used as decoration.

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Tutti Frutti Decorative Boxes

These smart and stylish nesting boxes will add a colorful touch to your living area while storing anything from papers to jewelry.

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Craft Paper Decorative Boxes

These neutral brown boxes are a great way to keep your items tucked neatly away without drawing any attention. They work well in any home décor scheme, making them the perfect storage solution for any space.

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Blue Spots Decorative Boxes

These blue and white boxes are stylish and chic, perfect for any room! The abstract spotted design adds a decorative accent while the solid blue lid gives them a look that is sure to be universally appealing.

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Floral Collage Decorative Boxes

These boxes of flowers will make any room look chic and aspirational. Made in chic tones of peach, plum and deep coral, they’ll work beautifully on a light or dark colored bookcase.

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Modern Botanical Decorative Boxes

These nesting boxes are a great way to spice up your living space. With a modern botanical pattern, they will be the perfect size for storing papers or jewelry, hair accessories, or even scarves and belts.

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Whimsical Triangles Decorative Boxes

These stylish boxes are the perfect way to add a touch of classic style to any décor. The black and white patterned boxes come with solid black lids.

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In Full Bloom Decorative Boxes

It’s time to get organized! These lovely boxes are just what you need. They’re great for storing scarves or family keepsakes on your closet shelf, or they can be used as a decoration that’s sure to brighten up any room.

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Floral Dance Decorative Boxes

These pretty boxes are perfect for storing jewelry, papers, or even hair accessories. The floral pattern is delicate and understated, giving them a fresh look.

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Breezy Blossoms Decorative Boxes

Add a burst of summer blossoms to any space with these boxes filled with pink and green stems. The feminine flower boxes are perfect for making keepsakes even more special.

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Tropical Decorative Boxes

These stylish paperboard boxes are perfect for storing your belongings or decorating! With their feminine “Tropical” design, they’ll be the perfect addition to your office shelf or entranceway table. They’re also a great photo prop, so you can spruce up any craft show table.

Overview of Decorative Storage Boxes

Since the 17th century, a decorative storage box was a necessity for every well-respected lady. These ancient boxes were used to store precious items and were often decorated with silk, embroidery, and beads. The modern decorative boxes have greatly evolved in their appearance, but still are a trendy element of every household.

Modern decorative boxes come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors, from chic farmhouse to contemporary. Their main purpose is to enhance and compliment the house décor. However, they also provide functional and convenient storage spaces. Decorative boxes will look amazing in any room and will help to tie the room together. Figure out the interior design of your house and add more style to it with a matching decorative box.

There are endless options of decorative boxes on the market, from the material used to an opening system of the box. You can find decorative storage boxes with lids, that are opened by pulling, sliding, or raising, as well as boxes with clasps, locks, or catches. The material of the boxes may vary from wood, plastic, wicker, and even metal. This type of storage box can become an unexpected central piece of your house, or it can become an ideal addition to your home décor that brings together the concept of your themed interior design.

Decorative storage boxes are extremely versatile and can serve many purposes. For example, a decorative file box is ideal for displaying in the office, or for organizing your documents at home. A decorative file box is a more attractive, portable, and flattering option than a filing cabinet.

Another type of box that can be used is a decorative cardboard box. It is perfect for storing lightweight items and can be easily transferred around the house. Cardboard boxes can also be used as decorative Christmas gift boxes, which are so much more comfortable to use than a wrapping paper. A festive and pretty Christmas gift box will make any present look even more appealing.

What about the items in your house that you want to keep hidden? A great solution would be to get a decorative book box. These boxes look like real books that can be discreetly stored among your other books. You can keep your valuable artifacts or treasured items out-of-sight, yet have a unique decoration that blends with your home décor.

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