38 Stunning Chair Rail Ideas for a Beautiful Farmhouse Style


Published: December 11, 2022
Updated: November 15, 2023

You’ve seen molding at the top and bottom of rooms where the wall meets the ceiling or the floor. But have you considered adding chair rail molding to your home? This molding runs along a wall at a similar height to the top of a chair.

The idea of a chair rail trim is to divide a room into aesthetically pleasing sections and was developed and used by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Eventually, wainscoting was added to the chair rail for additional warmth.

You can add chair rail molding to a room in several ways. One beautiful way is to add white molding to a white wall. The subtle change adds a sophisticated texture to a room. Another possibility is to add white molding to a black wall for a dramatic effect.

So grab a cup of your favorite drink and spend a few minutes browsing through this carefully curated gallery of chair rail ideas.

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