21 Bonus Room Ideas to Create the Space You Need


Published: February 26, 2023
Updated: November 27, 2023

Depending on your lifestyle requirements, bonus room ideas can mean something different to everyone. To some, a bonus room can be a place to relax with your family, while others may wish to create a space dedicated to solitude. No matter what you need, these rooms can be a blessing to any home.

Bonus rooms make excellent play spaces for anyone who has little ones running around. These rooms aren’t always large spaces. Even the most compact area can provide unimaginable utility. You can turn these spaces into a place where the whole family can relax by adding furniture similar to what you see in a living room. Or transform this area into a quiet place to curl up a good book by furnishing the room with a comfortable armchair and a side table. Design your extra room around your needs with our bonus room ideas below!

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