20 Free Spirited Boho Bookshelf Ideas To Satisfy Your Soul


Published: March 7, 2024
Updated: February 21, 2024

Boho style originated centuries ago during a time when strict social norms ruled. It became a term that described someone who lived an unconventional lifestyle and was marked with colorful patterns and loose, flowing fabric. Today, it’s marked by bright, jewel-toned colors, potted plants, and natural elements of wicker and wood. Best of all, there are few rules regarding creating a bohemian interior, leaving it to your imagination and whimsy!

If you’re like me and are overwhelmed by the idea of creating an entire boho oasis, start small with a few of our boho bookshelf ideas. Creating a bookcase with plants, bright colors, and organic textures is the perfect way to introduce yourself to this free-spirited style, and it can fit easily into an already minimalist or modern design. Take a look through our gallery of the best boho bookshelf ideas and take inspiration from what you see!

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