30 Bar Cart Decor Ideas to Showcase Your Style


Published: November 27, 2022
Updated: December 1, 2023

Contrary to its name, a bar cart is not just a place to store stemware, glass bottles, and cocktail supplies. This adaptable furniture can be used in almost every room of your home as additional storage or even a specific place to show off your interior design skill. Show off your green thumb with potted plants or use it as a space to store your favorite books. Or create holiday scenes and vignettes by switching up your style for the different seasons and major events that occur from year to year.

Bar cart decor is a quick and simple approach to decorating for the holidays in order to keep your room interesting and vibrant all year round. Or, if you want to stick with a look more cohesive with your overall style, pick a few specific and authentic pieces that will turn your bar cart into an extra shelf or side table. Just don’t forget to include a bottle of wine as part of our display!

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