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Katie Perry, Interior Designer

Owner of Katie Ella Perry Interiors Ltd
Interior Design
Residential & Boutique Commercial Projects
Interior Design Institute
Katie Ella Perry is a seasoned interior designer with a cosmopolitan flair, having enriched her expertise with international experiences in Australia and Peru before founding ‘Katie Ella Perry Interiors’ in the UK. With a background in marketing and a heart deeply rooted in design and architecture, she specializes in elevating ordinary spaces to extraordinary havens of elegance, comfort, and personality.


  • International Exposure: Katie has experience working on residential projects in Lima, Peru and Sydney, Australia. Since returning to the UK she has worked across residential and boutique commercial projects, with a highlight being opening The Hapi Cafes, which saw their sales double since the re-design.
  • Professional Evolution: Transitioned from a 12-year marketing career in fashion and retail to founding her own interior design business after graduating from The Interior Design Institute.
  • Holistic Design Vision: Committed to creating spaces where functionality meets elegance, inspiring clients to make cherished memories in their own personalized “castles”.
  • Katie is a member of Soul & Lane’s Home Decor Review Board



  • Bespoke Design Transformation: Tailoring unique and elegant design solutions for both residential and commercial spaces.
  • Global Design Sensibility: Integrates diverse cultural influences, with a love for blending classic and contemporary elements, especially utilizing brass tones and rich textures.
  • Client-Centric Philosophy: Embodies the “boutique hotel, but make yourself at home” approach, ensuring that each design elevates everyday experiences.



  • Versatile Living Spaces: Katie has adeptly managed projects like the Miraflores Project, where she harmonized functionality with style to accommodate the dynamic nature of a family living room, ingeniously incorporating custom cabinetry to transition from playful day use to an adult retreat at night.
  • Innovative Dual-Purpose Rooms: Demonstrating her skill in maximizing space, Katie designed a nursery that doubles as a guest room, showcasing her ability to create multi-functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces that cater to the evolving needs of a modern home.
  • Child-Friendly Design Solutions: With an empathetic approach, informed by her own experiences as a parent, Katie excels in crafting children’s rooms that balance imagination and practicality. Her projects, like the toddler room makeover, are proof of her commitment to creating cost-effective, safe, and personality-driven environments.
  • Efficient Work-from-Home Setups: Katie’s expertise extends to transforming compact and challenging layouts into efficient home offices, as seen in her project where ergonomics and aesthetics blend seamlessly to enhance productivity and professional presence in a work-from-home setting.
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