Jelena Veljkovic

Jelena Veljkovic, Interior Designer

Architect and Designer
Interior Design
Interior Space Analysis
Minimalist Interior Styles
Contemporary Furniture Design
Masters Degree in Interior Design and Architecture, University of Novi Sad, Serbia
Jelena’s passion for design, which took root during her architectural studies, blossomed with a Master’s degree in Interior Design from the Faculty of Technical Sciences, where she also contributed as a research-trainee in the Department of Architecture and Urbanism. Her career highlight includes participating in the National exhibition of the Republic of Serbia at the 2019 Prague Quadrennial, showcasing her keen eye for detail and artistic flair. With a diverse clientele from Croatia to South Korea since 2014, Jelena brings a unique global perspective to her specialty in residential interiors, infusing living spaces with atmospheric details that create the perfect ambiance. Her work not only reflects her technical expertise but also her distinct philosophy on creating engaging, harmonious environments.


  • Authored an article titled “Five Principles of Holistic Design: How Space Affects Mood?” for the lifestyle magazine “Beauty and Health” in 2016, delving into the role of well-designed living spaces in enhancing well-being.
  • Exhibited “The Interior Design of a Living Room” at Gallery ŠTAB in Belgrade in 2016, a piece recognized as one of the best from the “Moje kreativno ja 2” (My Creative Self 2) competition by Cosmopolitan Serbia.
  • Awarded first prize for “Interior Design of the Apartment Living Area” in 2013, showcased at the Gallery of the Society of Architects of Niš, as part of their annual students’ competition.
  • Jelena is a member of Soul & Lane’s Home Decor Review Board



  • Engaged in numerous projects for a Norwegian client, designing housing projects, summer houses, and terraces, embracing Norwegian building standards and culture, and even acquiring a bit of the language along the way.
  • Designed the interior of an indie cinema and cafe for a Japanese client, finding inspiration in new cultures to enhance the ability to craft interiors that resonate globally.
  • Keen on integrating both local and global trends into design work, using decor details to add character to the overall design, with experience garnered from working with clients in over 10 countries on diverse projects including hotel rooms, lobbies, residential properties, Oriental restaurants, and summer houses in the Norwegian mountains.
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