Floral Quilts by Soul & Lane


Published: November 29, 2021
Updated: December 19, 2023

Charming floral motifs create a delightful spread for your bed – all year round! Our collection of floral quilts features an assortment of delicate and vibrant florals for your perfect bedroom décor. With a punch of vivid colors and bustling prints, these bedding sets embody the beauty of nature to make your bedroom look dreamy!

This soft quilt features a beautiful mix of blues and stunning floral patterns. Wildflowers grace one side of this quilt while a lovely solid cornflower blue backs the other

Add charm to your bedroom with this quilt in shades of cream, rose, sage, and blue. It features a mix of bold and subtle floral patterns and classic country checks

Floral Quilted Throws Collection

Taking inspiration from the beauty of blossoms and vibrant colors, these floral quilted throws are a fusion of pleasant fabrics and beautiful prints. These lightweight bedspreads are perfect for the cozy warmth you desire from your throw – on a lazy day in your favorite nook.

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