Beach Theme Quilt Sets by Soul & Lane


Published: November 22, 2021
Updated: December 19, 2023

Immerse yourself into the dreamy vacations on the sandy beach next to the sea with our collection of cozy Coastal Bedding Quilts Sets and Quilted Throw Blankets. Feel the light breeze, sunshine, and sound of waves that will take you away from the daily chores

Add a lively character to your bedroom with this quilt featuring vibrant blue sea creatures on a white background

This quilt set with fish graphics is the perfect catch when you need a comfortable place to drift off in a sea of dreams

Enjoy the beauty of the ocean with this quilt featuring blue coral reefs on a white vermicelli stitched backdrop

Adorable and charming, this sea-creature-inspired quilt features a playful rendering of life in the ocean

Take your bedroom’s beauty up a notch with this alluring coral and white quilt featuring whimsical pattern of coral reefs

A true reflection of marine beauty, this quilt displays starfish and seashell motifs accentuated with coral and aqua colors

Coastal Quilted Throws Collection

Feel yourself relaxing on a sunny beach when you snuggle under these coastal throw blankets. Choose from a variety of designs featuring blues waves, seashells, and coral reefs

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