33 Wood Headboard Queen Bed Ideas That Are Far From Bland


Published: September 24, 2022
Updated: December 6, 2023

A wood headboard for a queen bed sounds bland, but it’s actually anything but bland. These headboards come in an unbelievably wide range of colors and styles, from a plain rustic wood headboard to an ornately carved wood headboard fit for a queen.

You can mix the types of wood, add antlers to your decorating, or keep things simple with striped sheets. The result is a queen wood headboard that makes an unforgettable first impression. And if you have a king-size bed instead of a queen bed, don’t worry. All of these ideas work as a king wood headboard as well.

There are many other styles for using a wood headboard for a king or queen bed, so read on to see some amazing wood headboard ideas that will make you say, “Wow”!

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