30 Classic Window Grids That Create a Decorative Accent


Published: February 12, 2023
Updated: November 29, 2023

A window is more than a way to create openness and allows natural light into a home; windows are one of the most overlooked decorative accents. Like mirrors, windows come in a variety of sizes and artistic designs.

Window grid patterns create an artistic design that serves as a decorative accent and an opening to the outdoors. Depending on the size of your home, the kind of windows you choose is determined by the dimension of available space. For large rooms that benefit from lots of natural light, large windows with artistic grid patterns serve as a unique decorative accent. The kitchen is another room to consider installing windows with grid patterns. As a common gathering space, the artistic decorative accent of window grids will be appreciated by many. Don’t forget the small spaces; add a decorative window with grid patterns to a bedroom as an accent or creative decoration. The possibilities are endless.

For inspiration, consider some of these carefully selected window grids to help you turn the windows in your home into a natural light-gathering decorative accent.

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