34 Beautiful White Tree Skirt Ideas to Try This Year


Published: December 28, 2022
Updated: November 21, 2023

A white tree skirt is a classic way to finish off your Christmas tree. Christmas tree skirts are used to hide the tree stand, protect your floor from pine needles, and provide a soft surface on which to display presents. Whether your Christmas tree is simple or fully decked out, white is a color that will pair nicely with a variety of tree decorations. When it comes to tree skirts, there are many different materials and textures to choose from, including cotton, lace, or fur.

You can also use any throw blankets you have laying around as a tree skirt. Simply wrap a chunky knit or fur throw around the base of your tree. Throw blankets can even be used in combination with rattan or metal tree collars to add extra texture to the look. Take a peek through some of the white Christmas tree skirts we think you will love this season.

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