30 Ideas for What Colors Go With Red To Create a Modern Look

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March 14, 2023
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In color theory, red is a powerful color that corresponds with excitement, passion, energy, and action. Accents of red are a vibrant addition to any home décor. Red accent pillows, wall décor, centerpieces, and front door displays will add a delightful pop of color. Knowing what colors go with red will help you incorporate this brilliant color into your home décor.

The key to red is to pair it with a white, black, gray, or neutral palette. Red accent pillows on a white or neutral couch emanate an eye-catching pop of color. Brighten a bedroom with red accent pillows or blankets paired with white, light gray, or neutral bedding. Add beauty to a room with fresh-cut red flowers arranged in a decorative vase. Red is a beautiful color to display and will accommodate any décor style.

To inspire you, take a few minutes and scroll through this carefully curated selection of colors that go with red and add this exciting color to your home.

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