35 Cute Wallpaper for Girl’s Room Ideas for All Styles

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March 7, 2023
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If you are looking at updates for a girl’s bedroom, we have a great collection of images below that show amazing wallpaper accents that instantly upgraded a plain room to a teen, tween, or toddler oasis.

There are several styles of wallpaper that you can use for a girl’s bedroom. From cottage florals to modern farmhouses, boho, or woodland. Whatever style you’re looking for you can find the perfect design for your space. Using wallpaper also gives you the flexibility to incorporate other wall paints around it and accent wall styles such as wainscoting, board, batten, or decorative molding. For a youthful feminine look, we’d recommend leaning into wallpapers that use florals, bright playful colors, pastels, and cute animals. For a more mature style, you’ll see some of these designers used shades of grey, neutrals, and softer pinks to maintain a slightly youthful but more sophisticated look. You can also go for more monochromatic patterned wallpaper styles if you are searching for a more modern and clean vibe.

Let’s see how these feminine bedrooms were styled using various patterned wallpapers that upgraded and enhanced the overall look of the room.

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