31 Upholstered Headboard Beds To Sleep Comfortably In


Published: November 2, 2022
Updated: December 6, 2023

Beds with an upholstered headboard are typically more comfortable than those with a traditional wooden headboard, thanks to an extra padded layer of material. Although wooden bed frames remain a timeless option, upholstered bed frames have grown in popularity due to their soft and gentle appeal. Not only do upholstered headboards up the coziness factor of your beds, they can also make a great visual statement.

An upholstered headboard and footboard bed is one way to give yourself a comfortable sleep from top to bottom, while an upholstered headboard platform bed adds plush texture to your space. For a classic farmhouse home that incorporates rustic, natural aesthetics, look for an upholstered headboard with wood trim. No matter what size of bed you own, here are examples of several types of upholstered beds to help you dream the sweetest dreams.

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