29 Summer Table Décor Ideas to Bring in the Sunshine


Published: February 19, 2023
Updated: November 28, 2023

Summer is coming and so are lighter evenings filled with food and laughter. Picture this: You’ve got the drinks flowing, the food dished out, and you have the perfect summer table décor to capture the magic of this beautiful season.

Whether you need inspiration for an outdoor patio or a cozy dining room, there are plenty of ways to add a touch of summer to your tablescapes. This season is a perfect excuse to adorn your tables with natural décor such as flowers, foliage and fruit. If you want to express a summer state of mind differently though, a brightly colored centerpiece or coastal-inspired items will create a charming scene.

If you want to bring the essence of summer into your home whatever time of year, check out these inspired table décor ideas. It’s always summer somewhere!

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