20 Practical Storage Between Washer and Dryer Solutions


Published: February 10, 2023
Updated: November 30, 2023

If you have a quaint laundry room it is probably pretty important for you to be able to utilize as much space as possible and make it functional. One way to do that is to use up the empty space that sits between your washer and dryer. Here are a few examples of how to do that.

When thinking of ways to make tight spaces like these functional for a laundry room our minds will usually jump straight to storage and organization, because let’s face it, we could always use more of those things in this particular room. That is a great way to transform this space, however, it is not the only way. In the examples below you’ll see that some homeowners got really clever and installed whole sorting stations between their machines, that’s got to be something from every mom’s household wishlist! Or, they’ve used hidden hampers and roll-out caddies that are great for getting clothing to and from the laundry room.

After you take a look at the design collection below, we think you’ll have plenty of fresh ideas on how to maximize your laundry room space and make the most out of that tiny area between your washer and dryer.

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