30 Spring Living Room Décor Ideas To Start the Season Right


Published: February 21, 2023
Updated: November 21, 2023

Spring living room décor is essential to giving your daily living space a burst of life for the new season. The spring season is defined by flowers and cheer, both of which can be easily reflected in your home with an assortment of floral pieces and bright colors. While greenery is a classic option for any living room, don’t shy away from colors like pink, blue, purple, or yellow when it comes to springtime decorating.

The simplest way to display living room spring décor is by arranging a floral centerpiece in a decorative tray on your coffee table. You can go as far as to place a vase of flowers on every tabletop in your living room. For even more style, hang wreaths along your windows or above your fireplace mantel.

Take a peek through the following spring living room ideas to find out how you can welcome the season with open arms.

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