22 Clever Spice Rack Ideas to Help You Get Organized


Published: May 12, 2022
Updated: November 21, 2023

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For the neat freaks among us, kitchen organization is one of the most fulfilling of challenges. An orderly spice rack is one step towards achieving a cooking space that never looks messy. After the painstaking process of finding the right containers for your spices and labeling them all in uniform fashion, the last thing you want is for your spices to get disorganized and scattered across the kitchen. 

Finding the perfect spice racks for your home will ensure you can place each spice back where it belongs. A drawer spice rack is popular if you prefer to keep your spices hidden from sight, while a hanging spice rack can be both hidden behind a pantry door or displayed in the open. Many homeowners will also use a pantry with built-in shelves as a large storage space for spices. Check out the following clever spice rack ideas to help keep you neat and organized.

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