22 Small Office Décor Ideas to Optimize Unused Spaces

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March 22, 2023
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More and more of us are working from home these days, but not everyone has the space to create a separate office. The following collection illustrates small office décor ideas to repurpose and optimize small spaces and increase at-home productivity.

One of the first strategies to create a small office space is to maximize every inch of space, be it by repurposing space at the top of the stairs, a closet, or an unused part of a larger room. To do this, opt for furniture that is multi-functional, for example, a desk with built-in drawers, and utilize height by adding shelving above desk spaces. Decorate your shelves with baskets or boxes to keep your space clutter-free.

If possible, opt for workspaces with windows that let in natural light. If this isn’t an option, keep your color palette light and neutral to give the illusion of space. As with most spaces, add plants for freshness and clean air.

For office décor ideas that make the most of small spaces, keep reading!

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