35 Creative Small Laundry Room Ideas with a Sink

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Zakhar (aka Zee)
December 21, 2022
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Small laundry room ideas with a sink can be hard to come by since utility-based spaces are difficult to decorate. The most important thing to remember is that storage can be made to look attractive, and utility is not a décor deal breaker.

Luckily, sinks come in many different styles and can be made to fit into any space. If you’re working with a super compact space, then it’s best to consider a wall-mounted sink that leaves the room around it available. Sinks installed in cabinets or vanities allow for items to be placed within the cabinets and hide the clutter away. Sometimes the inclusion of a utility sink is inevitable, but not to fear, these sinks can be tucked into corners or even secluded in their very own laundry closet if you have the space available. Scroll down for more creative examples from our collection of small laundry room ideas with a sink!

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