27 Small Bedroom Décor Ideas to Maximize the Potential of Your Space

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May 17, 2023
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Limited square footage? No problem! This group of carefully curated small bedroom décor ideas is made to showcase the magic that can happen in a room that is meant for all things petite. Between utilizing mirrors to make a space appear larger, or implementing accent walls of all varieties to give the illusion of greater square footage, there is a multitude of design hacks that function perfectly in this category of spaces.

Small bedrooms are all about framing your favorite elements in a specific way around the room so that they do not overpower each other. For example, using sconces or hanging lights instead of bulky lamps where wall space is limited so that the nightstands aren’t overshadowed, or laying all of your decorations on one wall so there is one point of visual interest in the room are both great tips. These are just two suggestions that you’ll find within this assemblage of interior design photographs meant to influence your decorative soul.

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