10 Shower Accent Wall Ideas to Add Personality to Bathroom


Published: March 18, 2022
Updated: December 5, 2023

A shower accent wall can be a unique and eye-catching addition to your bathroom because we oftentimes forget that accent walls can be done on more than just the walls of a room. Ideal for showers with glass enclosures (you wouldn’t want something so special to be hidden behind a shower curtain), shower accent walls make a statement before you even step foot into the shower. 

From a mosaic panel or strip against one side of your shower, to an entire wall tiled in a different color or pattern, shower feature walls come in all shapes and sizes. But don’t think you need to completely transform one side of your shower to make an impact—you would be surprised how a subtle difference in shade or pattern is all you need. To give you a taste of what is possible, here are some shower accent wall ideas we couldn’t take our eyes off.

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