29 Best Shiplap Headboard Ideas for Your Dream Bedroom


Published: September 27, 2022
Updated: December 4, 2023

A shiplap headboard can create a completely new look in your bedroom. Favored by many home designers these days, shiplap headboards are quickly becoming a staple in a bedroom. You can be sure that they are here to stay for a while. Shiplap adds texture to your space while remaining classy and refined.

Try a horizontal white shiplap headboard to widen the room. A vertical shiplap headboard, on the other hand, will add some height and make your ceilings seem taller. If you are renovating, consider a DIY shiplap headboard for your next remodel. Simple to acquire as it is to install and maintain, this material is a chic choice for newbies.

Shiplap’s durability is unmatched by other materials with its strong resistance to scratches and dents. Affordable and found in most home renovation stores, your dream shiplap headboard can be a reality. So, join in on the fun and take a look at these creative shiplap headboard ideas to guide you.

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