32 Shelf Décor Ideas to Accentuate Your Living Room


Published: November 16, 2022
Updated: December 1, 2023

Choosing shelf décor can be a little intimidating when decorating your living room shelves. With so many options, it’s difficult to decide if you would like to go for a neutral look or something more unconventional. This is an opportunity to embrace because every item you select reflects your unique personality!

No matter where your shelves are located, they provide an undeniable character to your space. You can fill your shelves with family treasures like pictures or keep it simple with other attractive pieces. A neutral display around an entertainment console will ensure you can focus on your activity while filling open shelving. Keep in mind that vibrant accents or contrasting items work very well in a comfortable seating area. Decorative items can even include your favorite books that you can’t seem to find space for. Transform shelf accessorizing from intimidating to exhilarating with our collection of shelf décor ideas below!

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