30 Round Ottoman Tray Ideas for an Impeccably Organized Space

Written by 

Zakhar (aka Zee)
July 12, 2022

Ottomans are a common addition to living rooms and are usually placed in front of the sofa. While the ottomans are large enough to hold quite a few decorations, they include rounded surfaces due to the plush and cushioned top. The uneven surfaces will cause your beloved decorations to tumble to the ground.

The solution is to add a round ottoman tray to your living room. These trays will hold a plethora of items such as books, plants, decorations, teapots, and mugs. You won’t need to worry about your treasures falling to the floor.

In addition, the round ottoman tray adds a delightful accent. By varying the style of your tray, you can personalize the space to display your individual style. Choose a deep wicker basket style tray or a shallow metal tray. Continue reading for some incredible ideas on how to use a round ottoman tray to transform your living room.

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