21 Easy Ideas to Spruce Up Your House with a Quilt Blanket

Written by 

Zakhar (aka Zee)
August 9, 2022

An easy way to make your home pop is to add a stunning quilt blanket to your decor. A beautiful quilt throw will come in a variety of sizes and colors making it easy to find the perfect blanket to fit your personal style.

Use a bright red and white quilt cover on a porch swing to begin your holiday decorations. Cover a daybed with a muted beige quilt and use colorful pillows to make your room pop. Fold a throw quilt and lay it on your sofa to provide a stunning and unique accent in your living room.

There are so many ways to use a quilt to personalize your home’s decor. So read on and see a variety of ideas on how you can spruce up your home with a quilt blanket.

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