28 Perfect Playroom Organization Ideas for a Spotless Home


Published: January 26, 2023
Updated: November 30, 2023

Whether you have toddlers, infants, or elementary-aged children, you have probably experienced the inevitable stress that comes from constantly stepping on scattered toys or walking past a room that looks like a hurricane blew through every day. Fret not, there are many easy ways to reduce the clutter, get organized, and make clean-up an easy endeavor.

Storage cubbies, dressers, and cabinetry are all great playroom organization options to get the clutter off of the floors and out of sight. Whether you use storage baskets to organize the storage shelves or not, simply getting things up off the floor and utilizing your vertical space can make a huge difference, and it’ll cut your clean-up time in half every day. You can also utilize floating shelves, bookshelves, or woven floor baskets, all of which are less of an upfront investment and can achieve similar results by getting those toys up off of your floor.

Take a look through our collection of playroom organization ideas below to see how these decorators successfully and stylishly de-cluttered their spaces.

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