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26 Inspiring Way to Use Plaid Curtains Throughout Your Home


Published: January 4, 2023
Updated: November 30, 2023

Plaid is a bold pattern that can be intimidating to incorporate into your everyday home décor. But there are ways to neutralize this style and add a dash of that traditional farmhouse vibe to your home without it overtaking the entire space. Plaid curtains are a great backdrop feature that you can use to subtly bring this pattern into your space.

Plaid is extremely versatile and can add great flare to your décor. If your style is more neutral, then you can find a plaid pattern that utilizes subtle colors that are easy to pair with other features like taupe, gray, white, and tan. If you like bold colors, then use plaid that’s more striking like the traditional red or green plaid that we see in so many holiday décor ensembles.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to incorporate, mix, and match plaid with the rest of your home décor then look no further, we’ve put together a beautiful collection of plaid curtain inspirations to get you started.

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