22 Oval Extendable Dining Tables That Work for Smaller Spaces


Published: May 15, 2022
Updated: March 9, 2024

When it comes to decorating for smaller dining rooms or nooks, an oval extendable dining table is a great option that allows you to maximize your dining space without sacrificing the ability to host a few guests. Extendable tables are tables that can increase their size to seat more people, traditionally through an additional leaf that can be fitted into the center. 

An oval extendable table not only visually occupies less space with its curved lines, but can also literally fit into narrower areas where a rectangular table would otherwise leave you with very little walking room. For an even more streamlined look, many homeowners will go for an oval pedestal dining table that looks sleek and minimalist. Whether you need a quiet place to eat your morning breakfast, or an intimate space for dinner parties with your best friends, keep reading to learn how an extendable oval dining table can work in your home.

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