31 Cheerful Nursery Wallpaper Ideas Perfect for Every Child


Published: November 23, 2022
Updated: December 6, 2023

It’s hard to come up with beautiful and cheerful nursery wallpaper ideas to put in a baby’s room. The wallpaper needs to be able to grow with your child so you’re not hanging wallpaper every couple of months, but still needs enough character that your baby will love looking at the wallpaper throughout the years.

Just think about hanging a fabulous floral nursery wallpaper in your daughter’s nursery or covering your son’s nursery with stunning woodland nursery wallpaper. Both will be as beloved ten years later as they are now. More options include pasting nursery wall stickers in your child’s nursery or hanging nursery wall decals.

So browse through this incredible collection of nursery wallpaper ideas, and know that whatever you choose, you’ll have a nursery that will grow with your child.

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